Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Settler's Handbook: A Guide to Virgin Islands Relocation

Numerous people have asked what information resources I used to successfully relocate to the Virgin Islands.

I used everything (almost), at my disposal: newspapers, the Virgin Islands Chamber of Commerce, The VI Tourism Department, contacts ... and anything else I could think of to get information about the islands.

I said "almost" because what I didn't use was "The Settler's Handbook, U.S. Virgin Islands". Although I did just fine without the book, the process would have been much simpler with it. The Handbook is a publication designed to assist people in relocating to, or starting businesses in the USVI, and has been around off-and-on for approximately 25 years.

When I made my move the handbook was unfortunately, out of print (had been for years). The book was revised around 2002 and is now periodically updated. For anyone considering such a move, the Settler's Handbook is an incredibly valuable resource.

Some of the book's highlights includes:

  • Chapters on each island: St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John

  • Information on the history and culture of the islands

  • How to move personal items such as, cars, furniture

  • How to register your vehicle

  • How to dress for the tropical climate

  • A list of schools, churches, civic organizations

  • Information on community life, entertainment, holidays ... and so much more.

More information on The Settler's Handbook, U.S. Virgin Islands is available at: and
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