Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh my, it's Carnival time again in St. Thomas. Cannot believe a year has passed since the last celebration. And, yes I'm missing it again. The only good thing I can say about that is ... I have enough memories of the ten years of Carnival I enjoyed to last me a life time.

The theme this year is: BACCHANAL AGAIN FOR 2010!

If you're comtemplating visiting the island during this fun time, peruse the Carnival Committee's website to see upcoming events and which ones you might like to attend.

Also see some of my blogs on Carnival (linked on this page). Some of my favorites are:

"A J'ouvert Story"
"It's Carnival in St. Thomas: Five Fun, Exciting, Don't Miss Carnival Events".
"Rain Don't Stop the Carnival"
and ... oh, you get the idea.

If you find yourself in St. Thomas before Carnival ends on May 1, have a Rum Punch for me!
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