Thursday, February 12, 2009

St. Thomas Here I Come!

So, there I was ... back stateside. Back at work. My vacation over.

The one bright spot was that I knew I would be returning to the Virgin Islands as soon as I could day-trade (trade off days with other employees), and string enough days off together to make another trip worthwhile. Remember, I was working for an airline.

Pretty soon I had established a pattern of travel to St. Thomas that took me there once, sometimes twice a month. During some of those visits, I made sure to circulate resumes to the contacts I had made on the first visits. I wasn't exactly clear why I did this; it just seemed that you never knew. Networking was always a good idea.

Then, after several months ... big news. Really, bad news! The airline was going under. Kapoosh! Down the drain! It was disheartening. For a few minutes. Until I realized that perhaps, this was an opportunity. Time to take that lemon and make some lemonade.

I began making plans to do something almost unbelievable. I started planning a relocation to the Virgin Islands.

Four months later, I was a resident of St. Thomas.
The adventures ... and misadventures of a city slicker turned mellow islander.