Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kenny Chesney's 'Life on a Rock' Tickles my Soul

Kenny Chesney has had a long association with the Virgin Islands. His album 'Life on a Rock' is a touching salute to his experiences there. His commentary on the following video says what he feels much better than I could:

St. Thomas' nickname is actually "The Rock" because all of the Virgin Islands is essentially rock formation that was formed during volcanic eruptions eons ago. What is above water today was once, for the most part, on the bottom of the ocean. That's why, particularly on St. Thomas it is difficult to grow food ... you won't go too far beneath surface soil before you hit rock.

When Kenny makes the statement about craving that way of life ... my heart totally responds. It is difficult for many people to understand that desire, that need for a simplistic lifestyle, natural beauty and acceptance based not on what you do, but just on a human level. To say it sooths the soul, is an understatement.

In 'When I See a Bar' he said: "This song defines a time when I first started going to the Virgin Islands, and I had a group of people I became great friends with. They didn't know what I did, or they knew and didn't care." That just says it all.

When I think back to my Virgin Island days, I see myself sitting on the beach looking out at that blue-green water, and experiencing such peace. My entire time there was a healing experience; not from any particular thing, just from life itself. Somehow I think Kenny is feeling me on that.

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